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Orthodontics in Atlanta, GA

Are you looking for board-certified orthodontists in McDonough or Norcross, GA? At Patel & Womble Orthodontics near Atlanta, Dr. Ruchir R. Patel and Dr. Brian A. Womble offer affordable, comprehensive orthodontic options to patients of all ages.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that involves the correction of alignment problems associated with the teeth and jaw. While the primary premise of orthodontic treatment is correcting bites and improving overall oral health, the benefits often go beyond the obvious physical changes. Scientific studies and personal experiences show that a great smile is likely to make a wonderful first impression, and the psychological benefits of achieving an attractive smile can improve a person’s confidence and self-esteem. We’ll work with you to effectively and accurately improve problems related to the health and alignment of your teeth and jaw structure with our orthodontic services.

Orthodontics may alleviate and/or correct the following problems:

  • Misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Abnormal wear on the surface of the teeth
  • Gaps and spacing between the teeth
  • Chewing, biting, and speech problems due to improper dental and jaw alignment

Orthodontics Benefits

While having an attractive smile is one of the top reasons people seek orthodontic treatment, it’s not the sole goal of orthodontic services. Protecting the gums and teeth to achieve a healthy mouth for life is a primary goal of all orthodontic services. Spacing and gaps in between the teeth may contribute to poor oral cleaning habits, leaving the gums vulnerable to plaque buildup and harmful bacteria. Bacteria and food particles can also hide in the crevices of crooked, misaligned teeth, which may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss over time. Orthodontic services can alleviate these problems by enhancing your ability to properly care for your teeth so you can eat and speak without difficulty.

Traditional metal braces are a chief component of pediatric dental care for their ability to provide the optimal level of orthodontic correction for children.

Types of Orthodontia



Orthodontic Surgery


Two-Phase Orthodontics

As well as information regarding:

Preparing for Orthodontics

If you suffer from spaced or crooked teeth, orthodontic care may be necessary. Prior to your consultation, simply reviewing the different types of braces available can bolster your confidence regarding your treatment options and final decision to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics Recovery

Orthodontic devices, such as braces, may feel uncomfortable or unusual at first, however, over time and with practice, you’ll find it easier to speak and eat as you adjust to your new braces. You may experience slight discomfort and ache for the first few days following your initial fitting, but over-the-counter pain relievers should help subside any pain.

If you’ve been fitted for traditional metal braces, you must exercise extreme caution when eating and drinking to avoid irritation of the tongue and cheeks. If a band or wire is causing any pain or discomfort, call our office immediately for an appointment.

How Much Do Orthodontic Treatments Cost in Atlanta?

Improving your smile with orthodontic services is one of the greatest investments you can make when it comes to your oral health. Timely orthodontic treatment ensures both lasting dental health and an attractive, healthy smile. We realize that cost is a factor that delays many people from seeking orthodontic care, which is why we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. Even with dental insurance, you may still be responsible for the cost of appointments, x-rays, braces, and other orthodontic services.

To make orthodontic treatment more affordable to our patients, we offer our in-house, INTEREST-FREE monthly payment plan as an alternate payment option. We’ve also partnered with third-party medical financiers, including CareCredit®, to offer an extended payment plan beyond the typical treatment timeline. Cash, checks and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards are also acceptable forms of payment at our office.

Who Stands to Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment?

People who suffer from crowding, over or under-protrusion of the upper and/or lower jaw, gaps or spacing between their teeth, and other bite and oral alignment problems are the ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment.

People seek and often require orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Combating tooth decay and improving overall oral hygiene
  • Correcting chewing, eating, and speech problems that result from crooked or malpositioned teeth
  • Improving self-esteem and achieving other psychological benefits that result from a straighter, more beautiful smile

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your initial consultation serves as a planning stage, where your orthodontic specialist will take X-rays and examine your overall oral health to evaluate your need for orthodontic treatment. X-rays enable our orthodontists to examine the alignment and structural integrity of your teeth, jaw, and the bones that support the gums. During your consultation, our orthodontist will recommend a customized course of treatment based on the results of your medical evaluation, as well as provide a financial estimate that includes payment options.

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Find out how board-certified orthodontists Dr. Ruchir R. Patel and Dr. Brian A. Womble can help you enjoy a straighter, healthier smile in Atlanta, GA. Our comprehensive orthodontics is available for adults, teens, and children alike. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.