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We strive for comfort in every visit.

Your First Visit to Our Atlanta Orthodontist Office

From the moment you walk in the door at Patel & Womble Orthodontics, you’ll notice we’re not like other Atlanta orthodontists. From our friendly staff to our attentive board-certified orthodontists, Dr. Ruchir R. Patel and Dr. Brian A. Womble, our practice revolves around you and your smile. Your initial appointment will take place at one of our convenient locations in McDonough or Norcross, where we will discuss your unique smile needs and concerns. This first visit is designed to discover the nature of your dental problems and whether or not braces are right for you.

At your first visit, we ask that you bring a:

  • Completed copy of the New Patient Forms
  • Dental insurance card, if applicable
  • Copy of previous X-rays, taken within the last six months, if available

Your Diagnostic Records Appointment

If you’re a candidate for braces, we’ll have you return to our practice for a “records visit.” This appointment will include an extensive oral exam, photographs of your facial profile and teeth, X-rays of your teeth and jaws and an impression of your bite. These records will be used to develop your customized orthodontic treatment plan and serve as a helpful reference throughout your course of treatment.

Your Orthodontic Consultation

Dr. Patel or Dr. Womble will review the results of your records appointment and formulate a customized treatment plan with any applicable options for you to consider. Together, we’ll discuss each step of your orthodontic treatment, the anticipated results, how long it should take and the fees associated with your care.

During this visit, we’ll address any questions that you have, including:

Potential Orthodontic Complications

Before starting your treatment, we will need to discuss any concerns or problems that may negatively impact your orthodontics. For example, if you have severe crowding, it may make it especially challenging to bring your teeth into alignment. In such cases, we may recommend extracting one or more permanent teeth or using an appliance to create room in the jaw for spacing requirements.

If we recommend braces for kids, we may need to wait for sufficient growth before braces can be worn. If this is the case, we’ll happily place your child in our complimentary growth guidance program. This includes regular monitoring and intervention through treatments such as preventive braces or two-phase orthodontics when his or her smile is ready.

Starting Your Orthodontic Treatment

Shortly after your first visit to Patel & Womble Orthodontics in McDonough or Norcross, we’ll schedule you to come back to get your new braces put on. This appointment typically lasts from one to two hours. After this visit, you’ll return every four to eight weeks for us to evaluate your progress and make adjustments as necessary. Usually, these appointments only take about 20 minutes each. Are you ready to enjoy a confident, new smile? Contact board-certified orthodontists Dr. Ruchir R. Patel or Dr. Brian A. Womble today to schedule your first visit. Dental financing is available through CareCredit®.