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Orthognathic (Orthodontic) Surgery in Atlanta, GA

Orthognathic surgery (also known as orthodontic surgery) is something that can help Atlanta orthodontic patients with certain types of orthodontic concerns. At Patel & Womble Orthodontics in McDonough and Norcross, we may recommend orthognathic surgery for people with more severe jaw or bite abnormalities. Board-certified orthodontists Dr. Ruchir R. Patel and Dr. Brian A. Womble can discuss your concerns with you to determine whether or not you may benefit from surgical orthodontics as part of your treatment.

What Is Orthodontic Surgery?

Some people have severe bite discrepancies or common problems that are caused by natural anatomy or genetics. For instance, if the lower jaw is much shorter than the upper one, or the upper and lower teeth do not come together in occlusion (biting contact,) surgery may be necessary to create a proper relationship between the upper and lower jaws.

Who Performs Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery?

All of our surgical orthodontic procedures are performed by a specialist to keep you extremely safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. After your surgery, you will need to wear braces to keep your jaws in the ideal position as the bone repairs itself. This usually takes about four to six weeks, but only about two weeks are needed off from work or school.

What Does Surgical Orthodontic Treatment Entail?

Surgical orthodontic therapy repositions the jaws to create a proper alignment between the upper and lower teeth before or during your orthodontic treatment. During recovery, you will likely need to keep your jaw closed for several weeks as bone re-grows at the point where the jaws were repositioned.

What Are the Rewards of Having Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery impacts your facial profile, as well as the relationship between your upper and lower jaws. Encouraging a fuller or reduced profile of your lower jaw reflects in the profile of your soft tissues, enhancing aesthetics along with the function of your bite.

How Much Does Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of your orthodontic surgery will depend on who performs your procedure and where it is completed, such as in a surgical center or at a specialist’s office. Your dental insurance will likely cover a portion of your surgery. Your surgeon will check his or her fees against your insurance coverage to determine whether or not there are any out-of-pocket expenses for which you will be responsible.

Who Is a Candidate for Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery?

In most cases, jaw growth stops somewhere around the age of 18 for males and 16 for females. Surgery isn’t recommended until full jaw development has occurred. Once growth is complete, orthodontic surgery realigns the jaws so that braces can correct or fine-tune the alignment of the upper and lower teeth.

How Do I Know If I Need Orthodontic (Orthognathic) Surgery?

Dr. Ruchir R. Patel and Dr. Brian A. Womble of Patel & Womble Orthodontics in Norcross and McDonough will meet with you during your private consultation to determine whether or not orthodontic surgery is necessary. Should surgical orthodontics be the best option for you, we will create a custom care plan and walk you through the process. Contact us today to book a consultation with our board-certified orthodontists to find out more. Insurance and affordable interest-free dental financing plans are available.